How to use Java6 in Ubuntu edgy/dapper

I was looking on internet for simple way how to use Java6 (aka Mustang) in edgy/dapper. I wanted to use it same way I do with Java5. So I looked for Java6 debian package. Finally I found solution:

  1. Visit and download all three source files (bottom of the page. They ends with .dsc, .tar.gz and .diff.gz).
  2. Put them in same directory (like /tmp/java6).
  3. Run dpkg-source -x *.dsc
  4. Enter the newly created directory (in my case sun-java6-6-00)
  5. Run fakeroot debian/rules binary
  6. Debian packages will be created in upper directory. Install them.
  7. To use Java6 by default run: update-alternatives --config java

I hope that soon we will have Java6 in edgy backports or at least binary packages.

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